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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Week 2: #4 Online Safety and Sharing

Participating in online communities and sharing requires understanding different expectations about privacy and safety. If you write a blog post about "The Most Humiliating Experience of my Life," please be aware that you are sharing this story with anyone who has an Internet connection. You must also be careful with sharing photos and personal or financial information.

Some things to think about when creating content and using online services include:

  • Am I sharing appropriate details about my work or personal life?
  • Do I have permission to post someone else's photo?
  • Am I sharing financial information with an unprotected source?
  • Is the person I'm communicating with who I think they are?

This is in no way meant to alarm anyone! Please just take a minute to look at a couple of resources that will make you feel more comfortable writing posts for your blog that you feel confident in sharing.

Discovery Resources:

  • Think! Before You Post - with illuminating video.
  • Guide to online privacy put together by the Center for Democracy & Technology.
  • Free Range Librarian's ideas on blogging and work.
  • Internet safety for everyone by HCPL.

Discovery Exercise:

  • Create a blog post discussing your thoughts on online safety and privacy. How comfortable are you sharing online?

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