Welcome to iHCPL. This site was created as an adjunct to Harris County Public Library's iHCPL Learning 2.0 Program; a discovery learning program designed to encourage staff to explore new technologies and reward them for doing 23 Things. In addition to our staff, we would like to encourage our customers to explore these same technologies. The program is adapted from The Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County's Learning 2.0 Program.

Monday, September 17, 2007

List of Participants

Are you participating? We invite you to comment on this post and list your blog as a participant. To list yourself, click Post a Comment and enter the link to your blog. The link is the web address, for example, the address for iHCPL: A Learning Experience for Our Customers is http://ihcpl2.blogspot.com.


adrt07 said...

Hello everyone!!
My name is Alvaro Dominguez, I'm a teacher at Orange Grove Elem. in Aldine ISD, and I'm so glad to share this expereince with all of you.

adrt07 said...


Jenny said...

Hi! I am the Teen Librarian at Helen Hall Library in League City, TX. My blog is called Jenny's Secrets OMG but there are no secrets really. I just wanted to be sensationalist.

Anonymous said...

Just trying this out. I'm a board member of Friends of Freeman.

zhr55 said...

Just trying this. I'm a board member of Friends of Freeman.